Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2014

are u living in the true or in a illusion

nothing to judge, nothing to fear, nothing to invest
lets concentrate to create a better world, instead investing in the illusion
let us start to build knowledge for our children, true knowledge...wisdom ...
the older will not listen, we have to start from bottom
i am ready to share without any profit
the profit is heaven on earth and i know it is possible :)
think big, dream big, but start small :)
we are strong, we have the will, we have the vision, we are growing every moment, nobody can stop this,so no worry :) everything is perfect

everything starts from the mind
a strong and clear mind-set is important for growing
this is not a fight outside, this is an inner transformation, which will bring the outer change
everything you see and dont want to be there, you have to transform these things inner.
self observation

you can observe something without thinking at all
so you see the truth, but if you starts to thinking in that obseration (Ego will do that), than the whole picture will be another, not the real picture, an illusion

You can only have one perception true or illusion. Both at the same time is not possible. 
True perception will bring you wisdom.
In true perception you will feel love in a way you cant imagine in the illusion.
You will see life complete different
This will change all
Are you ready for change ?

an Ego mind will not understand this, this is normal, because Ego is the opposite of this
and if the Ego let this be true, then it will be his end, so he fights strong against truth and wisdom
thats normal
a self observation will clear this out

if you think without your thinking you are nothing, you can clearly see that you invested in thoughts, in illusions...bring the investment back where it belongs

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